[iOS] Spotify Family - multiple members listen at same time

[iOS] Spotify Family - multiple members listen at same time


This is CRAZY! I have seen so many complaints about this and just can't understand why other platforms (eg. Amazon music) can support multi-use streaming but Spotify can't.  I was just on a run listening to Spotify. Suddenly, my music stopped.  When I tried to restart it, I could see that one of my kids started playing music in his room.  If I push play again, it stops in his room and plays on my phone.  We pay for the family plan.  We should both be able to listen at the same time.  Yes, the echo dot in his room is set up with my name/email address. But we have that so we can take advantage of the "linked" Alexa services.  Super frustrating!

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I'm back at the forum today because it just happened again! My quiet piano music just stopped because my 7yo started using her Echo Dot to play music. I'm not going to create a separate Amazon alexa account, no do I want to create a new spotify account for myself to use on non-alexa platforms. It really needs to be fixed!

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