iPhone X and Land Rover Incontrol Apps

iPhone X and Land Rover Incontrol Apps




Have you guy been made away that the screen mirroring of the Spotify App through Incontrol Apps on the Land Rovers / Range Rover (incontrol touch and incontrol touch pro) is off? 


The buttons do not line up with the touch mapping on the screen, there for to press anybutton on the screen you must press the above space.


This only happens when you are connected with an iPhone X, the normal sized 6s works fine. 

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does spotify not care? 


Also spotify app does not display tracks on the touch screen of the car. Apple Music Does, Pandora does... gj spotify.


The same is happening with my Range Rover Evoque and iPhone X. When playing music it keeps interrupting.


Same in The RangeRover Velar and the TouchPro Duo with the iPhone X. This is very anoying.

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