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iTunes Playlists not working

iTunes Playlists not working

I previously imported a load of iTunes playlists but now they are no longer working - I tried to play them and I'm presented with a blue bar across the top of the screen (web player) that says the song cannot be played.


Is this a known bug or a feature that has now been removed?

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So does this only occur on songs from itune, or playlists imported from iTunes or does it not work no matter what playlist you want to play? Have you tried logging out, clearing cache and cookies, and logging in again?


Does your link seem somewhat weird or lenghty? There have been a few spotify users who weren't able to play any songs because they used a werid and lengthy link.

I had a load of iTunes playlists that were imported fine previously and
worked fine. Now, all of a sudden, they've stopped working - even though
they work fine on the mobile app.

Other playlists are fine. I've logged out, logged in, etc.

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