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importing songs

importing songs

been using Spotify for a few years now and I'm now updating my songs here on Spotify to use with Alexa. I have the songs imported but they are showing grayed out and others that are white. what is the difference?  how can I get a song that I took off my CD onto Spotify so that is there in white so when I make an Alexa routine it shows up and able to be found?


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If songs are grayed out, it could be because it's not available, or because it's a local file that you imported, but is now not pulling from the source (file folder that you originally out it in), anymore. I have had that happen, and I've had to move song files to other folders, then add that folder as a source to pull from, for the local files. For listening to these local file songs on a mobile device, I reccomend making a special playlist for essential local files (ones used in playlists), compared to the stock local file playlist, so you don't have to download that whole thing, taking up more storage, just to listen to some of them.


If it's just because they're not available, try requesting that the songs be added back to Spotify, with this form.

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