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Whenever I listen to a playlist on shuffle it doesn't shuffle very well. Like I will end up with 5 songs from band A and then a song or two from band B, then 3 from back C then 4 from band A again. Its playing things from the same artists too frequently and I have more than enough songs by enough different artists for this to not be happening. Does anyone have a fix?

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Hey @joelthezombie15!


There is no fix for this as it is not an issue with Spotify, shuffle works better if you have a lot of songs in a playlist if it is a small playlist it may not work too well.


I will pass your feedback onto the correct team though 🙂



I have 140 songs in this playlist, many of which are by different artists. Spotify never used to do this. It used to work wonderfully up until about an update or 2 ago (I'm on the newest update)

I'm having the exact same problem since the most recent update. It's a little frustrating.

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