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logitech server + triode plugin

logitech server + triode plugin

i have a problem with squeezeserver and the 3rd party plugin from triode.

yesterday everything was o.k.

but today the server reports me an error (general transient error).

i get also on my synology nas and galaxy tab 10.1 as player (squeezeplaer from stefan hansel solutions) the same error.


is it my fault or spotify´s?


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I think these errors were around the time Spotify had a few issues a week ago. I had the same, and it's been OK for about a week now, until today - similar issue again!


Same think here. I have a squeezebox duet. Working 7 md.  - now its not working.  


My NAS is Synology 212+


Is there a solution?  SPOTIFY where are you ? If its not workning i will delete my SPOTIFY premium acc.

This problem is back; I have Logitech Mediaserver 7.7.5-1 rpm and Triode plugin.  When trying to Search, I get the "General transient error" message back.


Error log:


[20:10:18.011308] main:619 req: search.json res: (null) par: o=0&arq=10&alq=10&trq=10&q=pat%20metheny prot: HTTP/1.0 auth: (null)
[20:10:18.011432] main:1150 search: pat metheny offset: 0 artist count: 10 album count: 10 track count: 10
[20:10:18.050472] log_message:81 log: 19:10:18.050 E [ap:4172] ChannelError(0, 1, search)
[20:10:18.050762] search_callback:716 search: General transient error


Hi, same Problem here. I´ve i try to search, i get the message "Spotify Fehler:General transient error"


I´ve made no change on my side (server / Client), so it must be a problem at spotify...

Spotify has discontinued a software interface that the Triode plugin used. You need to use the official Spotify plugin with a new Spotify Handler plugin. If you go to the Slimdevice forums, you can find more info.




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