I'm trying to find the lyrics to music but there aren't there 

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Lyrics are only displayed if the lyrics have been added by the lyrics in your region, and if Spotify has the license to display the lyrics in your region. Different regions have different lyrics providers. For me the lyrics provider in my region is Musixmatch, but there might be a different lyrics provider in your region.

If the lyrics provider is Musixmatch, depending on who addeds the lyrics, it can take a while before the lyrics apperar in the Spotify client. The lyrics usually appear after some days if the one who added the lyrics have "curator status" on musixmatch, but if they do not have "curator status" on musixmatch their submissions needs to be upvoted by other users before they are approved, which can take a long while depending on how much time it takes before the lyrics are reviewed and approved.

You can check if the lyrics have been added for the track on

If the lyrics have not been added for your track and/or the track is missing from musixmatch database, you can get help with getting the lyrics added (and with get the track added to the database if the track isn't displayed when searched for) by joining the slack channel for musixmatch and asking in the relevant channel:

You can also make a Musixmatch account to add the lyrics yourself if you know the lyrics, though as mentioned above you need to reach the curator level in order to have your lyrics approved promptly.

If you are in a region in which Musixmatch is not the lyrics provider for Spotify I apologize for providing irrelevant information pertaining to Musixmatch.

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