missing songs on spotify

missing songs on spotify



i have a problem (kinda it just makes me piss of to everyone dont know why.)


in my country there is a song. Its not that much popular but it's realy good and makes me happy when i listen it (dont know if it is allowed to post the song on youtube link so i wont) but the name is "ceylan ertem - ütopyalar güzeldir" and i looked at spotify there is nothing about it and there are artist that have less popularity that is at spotify so i was wandering can we add songs on spotify if we can how. o got a premium still didnt find how to add a song if its possable ofc.


Thanks for reading and answering.

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Hey @eskisehir000 and welcome to the community!


Unfortunately, Spotify is not responsible for missing music. If there's an artist/album/song missing, it's because the label/legal owner doesn't want it to be on Spotify (anymore). I suggest reaching out to the label and ask why this album is not on the platform.
Read this post (point 5) for further information: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Other-Partner-Devices/Music-FAQs-You-want-to-read-this-first/m...

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