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music breaks after yamaha upgrade 2.86


music breaks after yamaha upgrade 2.86

Since I upgraded my Yamaha rx-v679 to version 2.86 the music breaks randomly. It never happened before and it is not related to the Internet access as it works fine on my Android phone and computer.

The Rxv679 is directly connected to the gateway using cable. Nothing changed in the setup only the firmware upgrade. I noticed the issue only few minutes after the upgrade.


I can't find a way to remove the last firmware update. If you have ideas...








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this is an amazing news. I have been a Spotify user since the beta test period back in 2007 and 2008. I had a free premium account at that time among the 100 first users and beta testers in france. I cannot believe they would let us down like this. If Yamaha solves this because you're handling the issue yourself, you're a real hero and you deserve a free premium account too. I was pretty sure it was a buffer size matter.

Still in issue, no feedback from Spotify here.
We are investigating ourselves.
Being partner with Yamaha does not mean that YOUR Subscribers are debugging themselves.
Incredible…we are only considers as Sheeps.

Hi all, before you get too desperate, I canconfirm that the fix is in the download and buffer config of the firmware. The previous version Yamaha firmware has been running faultlessly for nearly 25 hrs. Also in the peak 8-10 evening hours.

I'll update Yamaha on monady morning and try to get info regarding an official fix and update.

10/10 for Yamaha on customer service.

0/10 for Spotify for no service.

Hey Zedman

Thanks for this.
Until then, could you let me know how to downgrade and supply us with
previous firmware download link?

Thanks again for your help

I do not catch how it could come from firmware device, whereas I have the issue whatever the device I used to connect with Spotify connect. And not all Yamaha devices had received a firmware update since the issue is happening. I already checked.
I have the issue with WX-030, wx-021, rx-v781,wx-010. As I said all those devices did not received a new firmware…so can not come from the firmware, not matching.
I have the issue with ALL devices.

It's posibble we have different issues but there was a Yamaha update on 8 November and that's when everything started for me at least.
If this doesn't fix your issue then we need to look further for your fix.
Happy to help.

Same here

I'm assuming that the firmware is device specific but I'll post my fix instructions on monday having aligned with Yamaha. 

In the meantime you will need to find some info about your own device. You can find these by going to diagnostics in the MusicCast app.

Select your room and select the cogwheel top right.

Select App settings >Information>Diagnostics (at the bottom of the page)

You can find the IP address, Firmware version and Connection method there. (see screenshot)


You can log in to your Yamaha device to select the connection mode, update the firmware and select a few other options. Just type the IP address into a web browser when you are on the same network.

Yamaha sent me a "rolled back" firmware version via download link so, if you want the fix now, contact them at Yamaha customer service (Yamaha Music Europe). Unfortunately I can't post the email address here because Spotify won't allow it.

Good luck everyone!!!!


please delete this

hey, I think you're not telling the entire truth, Yamaha never answered my emails about a ""rolled back" firmware version via download link ". I'm stuck since october with the same issue. 

Do you happen to work for Yamaha ?

Why can't you send us a link via email ? you seems very secretive about all this 

this made me laugh, take it easy on the coffee Harveycourt. It's a Spotify community, not QAnon 😉

Yeah that's exact reason why you should help us for real and not pretend
maybe 😉

truly feeling sorry for you. Your frustration is making you crazy. Please direct that st the right people. Done here.

harveycourt, take it easy.

I had the same issue and contacted Yamaha which sent me really quickly a previous firmware (R0411-0285.bin) for my RX-A2060


Here is the link to the firmware:

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