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my alexa is only playing a small selection of my playlist

my alexa is only playing a small selection of my playlist






(iPhone 7)

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(iOS 10)


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when i try to play spotify on my alexa it only plays a section of my playlist when on shuffle. it basically, depending on how long the playlist is, will only play a certain range of letters. say like artists a-c. i’ve tried resetting spotify and my alexa and nothing is working. can anybody help?

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Hey there @kms1303,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!


If you're using Spotify Connect or another wireless connection method to play from one device to another, it's possible only the first 100 tracks in the playlist are transferred to the other device.


This means the shuffled tracks are only selected from those first 100 tracks and would explain why not all your songs play, especially if your playlist has more than 100 songs.


Hope this helps clarify things 🙂

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I too have this issue. Although, it never used to do this. It has only started doing this to me over the last two days. Are you saying there is no solution to fix this? Even though it never used to be an issue for me.


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