need to be updated

need to be updated

Hello. I have spotify prem, but i have so much problems whit it on my windows Phone. It freezes, music wont play, it shows offline alot and o always have to restart my phone if i stop using it for 30 min. Its using sometime 10min on loading and most og the time it does not work.
And once in a wild after restarting it start downloading all my songs tatt i have for offline play and it take all my included data, even when i have my settings for downloading without wifi off.

Please do something about it or i have to unsubscribe to premium, because how it is today its not wort it and it cost me a lot more in ekstra data pr mnd.

And in app store it is showing to different languige.

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Do you have the latest Spotify update installed? and you're currently using it on Windows 10 right?

Yes. Lates update to my phone and the app.
And yes, its windows 10.

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