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not letting me connect to apps properly

not letting me connect to apps properly






iPhone 13

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iOS 17


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whenever i try to connect my spotify to another app, it tries to connect me to a fishy other app i can't find any info on online, and has a very generic description when i check in connected apps. it's tried to play other songs when i did connect it. this has started happening after i accidentally downloaded a trojan on my laptop, which i did delete, but it's still happening. i've changed my spotify password and made sure my account was secure (+ removed the permission initially), but it's still happening.


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Hey @sophsie,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome,


We're sorry to hear you had inconveniences on your laptop. Just to confirm, does it happen the same if you try to connect your Spotify account with other apps on a different device (one that wasn't compromised, like your laptop and iPhone)? It'd be awesome if you could check. You can ask for the mobile device of a relative or a friend to open your account there and check.


On another note, we'd suggest you perform a factory reset. This might help with an unknown app that could interfere with the proper connection with the app, but we know that this process will erase all data from your device, so it's optional if you want to do it. Make sure to have a secure copy of all your data in case you want to complete this process.


We'll be on the lookout!

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