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phone app song selection

phone app song selection

Hi there,
so this is just an app funtionality suggestion - but still incredibly necessary, i promise.

so i use my phone for selecting music, either connected to my bluetooth speaker or as a proxy controller when spotify is playing through my TV or computer setup.

Scrolling through lists is just fine, the only problem is when you just want to add a song to the queue - the button that brings up that option is tiny af and tucked away to the right of the song title. Just the slightest brush of the finger tip to the left, and you've selected the song itself outright, and it starts playing automatically rather than being queued up.

My suggestion is that the menu tucked away to the right should just encompass the entire track listing with the option for "play now" added to it - no more instant select and play. By this, i mean that selecting a track brings up the menu with the various options for playback, not instantly playing the song.

This would save so many people from the shame of having a great tune cut short because of fat fingers that accidently hit the next song instead of the queue menu.

2 Replies

Hey @Atticus_Maytrap,


That sounds like something other people might like. Make sure to add it to our Ideas Exchange Others can vote for it and contribute to the discussion. 


Let us know if there's anything else 🙂


figured out the work around for this issue the other week - just a long press on the track itself brings up the menu - much, much easier than trying to press the 3 tiny dots to the right. Still, the occasional inadvertent finger brush against a track can cause a skip. **bleep** fat fingers.............

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