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playback stops on AppleTV

playback stops on AppleTV

Plan- free

Country- U.S.A.

Device- AppleTV A2169 (64GB)

Operating System- tvOS 16.6


i select an album and click to play the first track.  Track 1 through 3 are played, then a couple of commercials at excessive volume are played.  Then playback stops, the album not resuming at track 4.


Tried the Support/Message and discussed with Cinthia who then advised she was leaving and i was then greeted by Marciel(sp?) who advised she was reviewing previous messages, and then the connection was closed.


Wondering if this is Spotify Support's method of "customer service maze" to punish users who report issues?


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In fact, the Message Us page is disconnecting, reconnecting, showing the last message from Spotify "Support" then scrolling back to the initial message, then reappearing, then reconnecting again over and over with no chance for me to enter a message.

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