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[playlist] Collaborative playlist not showing up on third party devices

[playlist] Collaborative playlist not showing up on third party devices


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Country: The Netherlands 



(iPhone 7)

Operating System

(iOS 10,)


My Question or Issue:

I found out that my collaborative playlists are not showing up on third party App’s, like Nike+ Run Club app, and devices, such as my car radio. I Don’t have this issue with other playlists, including public playlists and the ones of friends. 


Is there any way to solve this, because I want to keep the playlist collaborative and listen to them in my car or through my Nike+ app. 


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Hey @Omarakrawy, thanks for writing!


Since collaborative playlist behave differently than regular playlists (such as being edited by anyone who follows them), the way they work cannot be translated to third-party services, so Spotify prevents their playback on those apps to avoid any inconveniences.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

Hey @JulianObsidian, thnx for your answer.

I do undersrand your answer, but I cant think of the logic behind it. Especially when someone has the ability to play (non collaborative) playlists of other people that he follows on these third party apps and devices. Since these playlists can be modified by someone els as well.

I also can’t understand why then I‘m able of playing these collaborative playlists on my wifi speakers.

Speaking of wifi speakers, It’s also very annoying that no one of my friends nor my wifi speakers can play local songs which I added to these playlists. I do understand the friends part (copyright etc..) but why the heck my wifi speakers wouldn’t be able to do this since I try to enjoy my music through them.

Hey @Omarakrawy.


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Like we mentioned, what we explained only applies to collaborative playlists. If a playlist isn't collaborative, it should work just fine.


About the WiFi speakers, they should work just fine with your local files if you have added them correctly. Make sure you're following the steps listed here.


If the issue persists, try resetting your network connection to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.

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