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premium is not working

premium is not working

i upgraded to premium but the charges in my bank account said pending and now i checked today and its no longer there but i was still charged twice of 5.34 which is the student discount what do i do
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Hello @mooka365, Welcome to the community! 🙂


Here's what to try if you've upgraded to Premium but don't see it in the app.


  • Check your subscription page. Your status should be Premium. 
  • If you're on Premium, try signing out and back into the app. 
  • If it says Free, check the receipt we send to your email inbox. Make sure you're signing in with the username on that receipt. If the username on your receipt is a 10 digit number, please sign in with your Facebook login details.

It's also possible you have a second account - one account with a Spotify username, the other created and linked to your Facebook profile. Try logging in with each to access your Premium.


I hope this helped! 🙂

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