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probelms connecting to bluetooth

probelms connecting to bluetooth

Ok so I recently bought a pair of beats wireless headphones.  They work great and I have often used them to listen to music on spotify via my computer and phone until a few days ago.  I can see that my headphones are connected via bluetooth to my computer however when i go on spotify and press play, i can see that the song is playing but I hear nothing.  I know it isnt a problem with the headphones because i can listen to everything else perfectly, it is just spotify.  And it isn't like spotify totally isnt working because when its not connected to my headphones it works just fine, its just when it is paired to my wireless beats headphones.  Anybody have this same problem or know what I can do to try and fix it?  Thanks!

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Try checking the bluetooth settings on your computer. 


Spotify outputs the audio to the computer, so it's probably a problem with the sound/bluetooth settings on the computer.

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I have just got the same problem!  Can hear spotify just fine without the powerbeats, and my phone rings when connected to the powerbeats.  Its just the link between spotify and the powerbeats.  Any solution?  I have tried everything I can think of:  reinstalled spotify on my phone twice.  disconnected and reconnected blue tooth many times.  Tested bluetooth of my phone with spotify on my speaker.  All is fine, except this connection with the powerbeats and spotify.

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