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"Black Monday" Ad Freezing

"Black Monday" Ad Freezing




Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System

Android 8.0

My Question or Issue

 Whenever the "Black Monday" ad shows up, it doesn't play at all and won't let me do anything to play music. I have to fully exit the app and reenter in order to resume listening to music. It's tedious, and rather annoying. The app is up to date.

6 Replies

They had this issue a couple years ago. So why is it happening again, I wonder? Reading the two year old posts, they had a couple fixes. One was to uninstall the latest spotify update. The other was to also uninstall the latest android update. But this issue may not be caused by those problems. but I haven't tried that. So I can't say if it would work with this years issue.

The same thing has been happening to me ever since the newest update 😭

Oh yeah, that's right. I just noticed that spotify was last updated January 16, 2019 and that's when I first started to notice the problem. So it has to be the spotify latest update. So uninstalling the latest update should help until spotify fixes it. A couple years ago when they had this problem, it was still occurring three months after the first post in January. Oh strange. Same month and problem in 2017 as this year, 2019.

Sadly, I've been experiencing this for quite some time. And with many different ads, not just the one mentioned above. It seems that Spotify selects ads that are not fitted to all devices, all WiFi services, all areas, all plans. I'm using a Macbook Air and my home WiFi and ads still freeze. Sometimes I only need to click pause/play a couple times. Sometimes the ads freeze app altogether meaning I have to force-quit the app and restart my device. I wish they would identify set parameters for the size of an ad so that they work on ALL devices and ALL WiFi plans. 

It's been ongoing with my kindle fire for years...last night, for the umpteenth time, I cleared data, turned off device, uninstalled spotify, turned off device, then reinstalled spotify --got to listen to 3 songs, then first ad tries to play, and, yep, everything just freezes up! If you search thru community posts, you'll see this problem has been around for many years! 

I think we need to tell the companies who run these ads that they're wasting the money they pay Spotify, since we can't see nor hear their ads! I only wish I could, then the music would resume!

Hey everyone, 


The specific ad shouldn't pop up anymore. Can you confirm it's resolved? 


If you're having trouble with other ads, or have questions about ads in general, you can create a new topic and we'll make sure to help you out.


All the best!

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