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"Can't connect to Spotify. Trying again"

"Can't connect to Spotify. Trying again"

I use the Web Player at work. Anytime I open it, it works normally for a few minutes and then I get a message that says "Can't connecto to Spotify. Trying again...". Music keeps playing but the screen is grayed out and I can't pause, play other music or do anything, really. I need to reload the page in order to gain control again. So I reload the page, play whatever I want to listen to, and then it happens again after a few minutes.


When that happens, playback sometimes stop.



My setup:


Windows 10 (but this has been happenning in Win7 too)

Chrome 51.0.2704.103


I'm behind a proxy, but Chrome is authorized. (In fact, this proxy is the only reason why I can't use the Desktop client)






2 Replies

Are cookies enabled and scripts enabled?

Yes, they are

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