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"Can't play current song" for all songs! multiple laptop issue?

"Can't play current song" for all songs! multiple laptop issue?

As a software developer I have two laptops and both with dual-boot Linux/Windows 10, lets call them laptop1 and laptop2.


Most of the time I only use laptop1 and mostly I am just using Linux. Since there is no proper support for spotify as native program in Linux I just use the web-player in google-chrome. I cannot recall last time I had problems with the web-player in Linux, so it must have been running stable for quite a while for me.


Today I wanted to use the native spotify program on laptop2 in windows, however it just reported "Can't play current song" for all songs that I tried to play, -and I tried many songs from many different artists and genres.

I am very careful to only have spotify open and logged in at one computer at the time.

I tried deleting all the cache files with no luck.

I tried re-installing spotify without luck.

I tried using the web-player in both google-chrome and Edge on laptop2 in Windows and it refused to play any songs as well.

At last I opened laptop1 in linux and there I could play all the songs I wanted using the web-player...


Why can I not use spotify on laptop2??..

If its something with "you are not allowed to use on multiple devices.. blablabla" then why can I use it on my phone?, that is also just another computer to me..


I was seriously considering to upgrade to the family version so the family I'm living with can get spotify as well. But weird behavior like this makes me very relunctant to do that, and it also makes me very relunctant to recommend spotify to anyone.


2 Replies

Okay, so I am getting the same message. Again, maybe it's because I had 2 laptops, but my old one is broken and this is my new one. I never got the chance to uninstall it, but I'm finding on my new laptop that it is constantly telling me that I 'Cannot Play Current Song' even if it starts playing and then stops. 

I don't have a way to take it off my old laptop... 

I'm also getting this, with every single song.  The web player works fine for me.  

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