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"Connect to a Device" ALL GRAY

"Connect to a Device" ALL GRAY

Premium plan



(Samsung Galaxy 9,  Webplayer, Kindle Fire)

Operating System

(Android Oreo, Windows 10)

I can not "connect to a device" on the webplayer - all options are grayed out. When I try it on mobile app, it STRUGGLES - skips on/off between my phone and the device I want. YES, I cleared the cache on all devices, logged out on all devices, rebooted Wifi, etc. 


3 Replies

Have the same problem since yesterday. Tried different PC browsers (Chrome/Edge) and Macbook Safari and they are all behaving the same way. The "Connect to a device" pops up but the devices are all black in colour but still updates with the device that is playing when selecting from iPhone/iPad which works. When trying to click on any device on the pop up, it selects the icons behind the pop up. Router rebooted, Cached Cleared, all devices powered off/on. See screenshot.

Annotation 2023-04-24 081939.jpg

Thanks, that is the exact same behavior I have here so glad I'm not the only one.  Only "event" that seems to have caused it was a Spotify mobile app update on 17th.  Browser is FF, it's updated, ad block is off, cache & data cleared, etc. The phone app is super glitchy for me, too

Hi - It looks like the issue has resolved itself on my browser this morning.

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