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"Favorite Songs" suddenly disappeared - not available anymore (on 1 mobile; but working fine other)

"Favorite Songs" suddenly disappeared - not available anymore (on 1 mobile; but working fine other)



"Favorite Songs" was working fine over the last few month (Android -> Samsung S8 - latest updates applied). Suddenly on the mobile, it was missing (I assume after updating last week the spotify-app).

But now the strange thing: It is still there when I use another mobile or if I login on the app on a computer (same account used all the time!).

Seems to be a similar thing like:

On my mobile: I updated the spotify app already to latest version already (today again).

I cleaned up the up (cache, memory etc.), so I need to re-login, but still no fav-Songs there.

If I add a new song (by pressing the heart) the playlist is generated newly and only this song is available. Whereas on the other mobile this song is added on top to all other existing hundreds of songs... which looks very strange.

So I got the same account with different entries for the playlists "Favorite Songs"...


Is there any chance to get the function back as it was working fine before over the last month?

(what I did not do so far, was a complete uninstall of the app, but I guess some rests are still there, so this will also not solve the issue?).

All my fav songs have been downloaded on my mobile (extra microSD-card) and seem to be still there. Whenever I play a song of them, the "heart" is already set - so I could not add them to the list.

I also checked for a filter, but could not find any...


Anybody any clue or similar issue?


Thank you

1 Reply

Hey there @FG2020


Thanks for posting on the Community about this.


If you're still experiencing this issue on a single mobile device we suggest visiting the Ongoing Issue page you quoted in your post. There you can support our investigation by clicking on the +VOTE and following the steps under Status Update.


It'll also be useful to Subscribe via the three-dots menu in the top right corner next to the title. That'll make sure you stay up to date with any relevant updates about this.


Have a lovely day further!  

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