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"I can't play Spotify on that device"

"I can't play Spotify on that device"

We recently received an Echo Auto. We have a premium student Spotify account. I was able to connect my phone to the Echo Auto just fine and use it with Spotify. However, when I connected my wife's phone and try to use Spotify, Alexa says, "I can't play Spotify on that device." It's connected to the same Amazon and Spotify accounts. I know we can't play both at the same time, but my phone was disconnected when I was trying to use Spotify with her phone. Any thoughts on the problem or solution?

3 Replies

I'm having the same exact problem. Happens if I try to play Spotify directly on my phone in the specs app too. Very odd. 

Different device but same response. I have Amazon Alexa application installed on XTRONS Android 8.0 headunit. Alexa reports that she cannot play (Spotify or TuneIn) from that device. I can play my music directly from each app but not by voice. If it's of any significance, SiriusXM is set as the default service. 

I'm having a similar issue. Changing my default assistant to Alexa on my Android phone I thought would be a good idea when I'm driving to play and change music, but it says it can't play Spotify from my device. Is this a Spotify issue, an Alexa issue or an Android issue?

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