"Your shows"

"Your shows"



For crying out loud, the audacity of these people! I can't stand this anymore. Every god damn time I open up Spotify I have to see these hideous faces and it is starting to get on my nerves. All because spotify shows us their uttermost respect when it comes customer satisfaction :))))) Yeah cause I totally need a cosmetic update every few months but when it comes to the basic ability to remove this "Your shows" tab, it's like I'm asking for a miracle to happen. And then to add insult to injury by saying "oh haha lol yeah maybe if enough people vote we might do something xddd no promises hihi". Screw you its been two whole years and you haven't done anything. I'm tired of seeing this podcast image every single time. These two women in all pink for god's sake it's straining my eyes it'd rather look straight at the sun at least then I wouldn't have to suffer this any longer. What is this crаp? I don't even know what the hеll is going on here!! Who even uses Spotify for podcasts?? And what is up with trying to censor my post?


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