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"tracks not available in your region" on squeezebox, but they are available on my phone!

"tracks not available in your region" on squeezebox, but they are available on my phone!

Grateful for any help from anyone on this issue.


I have a Logitech squeezebox touch and a Logitech radio. Both have spotify installed. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S4, also with Spotify installed. All of these devices operate on my home, wireless network, which is in Belgium.


The Logitech devices will tell me that certain tracks are "not available in my region" but the phone is quite happy to play them. I have absolutely no clue why this might be. Since my Logitech devices are connected to my stereo, I'd obviously rather play music through those than through the phone!


Thanks in advance, anyone!


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This has been an issue with the squeezebox evr since I can remember and the only solution I have come across involved using the unofficial server on a desktop device. There are already a couple of threads on this subject which you should check out.

Thanks very much for having taken the time to reply.  I will take a look at the links. The squeezebox things seem to be a nice idea let down by poor implementation / terrible non-intuitive menus. I'm not sure I'd recommend them.

I'm still almost allways getting the error 'track not available' on the logitech Squeezebox.


Two problems:

1. the info is not correct, as I can play the track on my other devices.


2. Music stops playing after that error (the next track isn't played).


Is this still not resolved in 2014? In case of, I see no reason to subscribe to a premium account...


Hallo Spotify???

I am having the same issue.  I contacted Logitech and they said this is absolutely an issue that Spofity needs to fix.   It is now 2015 and still no fix.  I also cannot see paying for a Premium account if this issue can't be fixed.  The SiriusXM, Pandora, and Rhapsody all work without issue on my Logitech UE Smart Radio however I like Spotify better if only the issue could be fixed!.  Please Spotify!


Seems to be an issue in the original spotify plugin for Squeezebox.

When I use a local LMS (Logitech Media Server) together with the triode spotify plugin, and configure the plugin to always stream via the helper, the issue is gone.

Drawback seems to be that the streaming is now going through LMS instead of directly to Squeezebox...

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