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[samsung blu ray bd-f6500] sound is choppy, unlistenable !

[samsung blu ray bd-f6500] sound is choppy, unlistenable !

Hi All,


I happen to have a Samsung BD-F6500 blu ray player, installed Spotify on it, happy camper 🙂 !

Or so I thought.


After a few seconds of playback (for each and every song so far) sound quality sucks, playback is choppy (as in: a fraction slower music playback, with tk-tk-tk-tk sounds in between very fast). Sounds like something of a resource overflow, buffering or CPU too busy thing.


Results are identical, both from HDMI to TV, RCA out and spdif out (no, it;s not my system thank you).


Stuff I tried:


- reboot (on-off) --> same 

- cold reboot (unplug power, wait 20 sec, replug, boot) --> same

- reinstall spotify --> still the same

- completely reset the blu ray + apps thing, reinstall spotify --> again, no improvement


Anyone have the same issue/knows how to fix ?






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Probably best to get in touch with Samsung support but check that you have a solid network connection first. Overall quality won't be as good as on other devices as the Samsung app only streams at 160 kbps.

Hey Joe,


Thanks for the response, not my network connection though. I get 10megaBYTE+ per second on my Dutch Ziggo connection constantly, so that;s not it.


as in: I can stream multiple netflix HD movies concurrently and in the mean time upload (8 mbit?) multiple concurrent movies via plex. Do note that if I kill everything and try spotify, still no go. It's definitively the app or the player (?).


Anyone else ?



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