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severe spotify connect issues with Naim NAC-N172 XS

severe spotify connect issues with Naim NAC-N172 XS

Dear Spotify Community members,


I am currently facing severe problems with my Naim NAC-N172XS pre-amp when using Spotify Connect.

Every once in a while, the error message " ERROR Can´t contact Spotify server" appears on the display. 

This happens mostly when the unit is turned on in the morning, after being turned off throughout the night.

If the unit is left on through the night, the issue commonly occurs at 3am, even if music is playing.


The problem usually takes care of itself within three days, still annoying; especially since the connect feature was the main reason for getting Spotify Premium.


The Naim pre-amp is connected to a FritzBox 7390 router via ethernet connection.

The problem occurs without ever making a change to the network.


I´ve already tried all "mainstream" fixed such as restarting the router, logging out of Spotify, etc. While this fixes the issue sometimes, it doesn't seem to be a permanent fix. 


Is there a (permanent !) solution to this problem ?



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Hey @user-removed,


Do a search for 'Naim' and you may find advice from fellow Naim users. For example, this thread seems interesting.


Hope it helps. 🙂

osorniosSpotify Star
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I've already done so. 


Restoring to factory settings is not a solution. I've already tried; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

However, as mentioned, if the device is not reset, the problem takes care of itself within a couple of days.


For example, yesterday morning as I turned on the device, the error message appeared. I tried restarting the router, logging out of Spotify and using a wireless connection instead of the wired one. Nothing worked. I had to use a Toslink connection from my MacBook to the Naim in order to listen to Spotify. 


As I turned on the unit this morning, everything seems to be working perfectly again.

But I know that this will only be lasting a few days before the problem returns. 

This is also my experience with naim mu-so QB. And looking at the forum it seems plenty of people are experiencing this. naim blames it on poor Bonjour support of routers - how come all my other Spotify Connect units play just fine and instantly then?


Naim blames it on Spotify, Spotify blames it on Naim.

The problem is, that the Spotify support people are not involved in the matter.
Their job is to answer mails and not to solve problems.
I've been told over and over again that there would soon be a software update addressing this issue.
Nothing has happened. Even more than half a year later.

I haven't been able to contact a more competent member of Spotify , since the only way to get in touch with spotify is through their support mail address.

Naim is not to blame for the problem.
Spotify provides manufacturers with a precompiled code for their relative streaming platform, which they are not allowed to view or modify.

Ive been requesting an extension of my premium time, since connect is what made me sign up in the first place.

I highly encourage everybody to do the same; request the prolongation of your premium time until the issue is fixed.

Hopefully some day they will take action and stop their unqualified, incompetent support employees from making empty promises.

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