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songs on playlist radio that dont fit genre

songs on playlist radio that dont fit genre





Country USA



(iPhone 8 plus, firetablet, pc

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(iOS 12, Android device, Windows 10,etc.)


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 I am having a problem with some of my spotify radios where the songs that are on it dont match the genre. I have already talked with tech suport on twitter but gotten no where them. Enclosed you will find a screen shot of one my affected playlist radios

So far I have:

logged in out of my account

empty my cache on windows pc

rest my password for my account

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Hey @jmose28008.


Thanks for getting in touch!


You can like and dislike songs in a Playlist Radio. We suggest you use this feature so the Radio Station can improve further.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

I started with the band "Metalocalypse" after a few songs went to Synth Pop "Starlight Brigade, TWRP, Dan Avidan" on to "Take Care of U, Lydia Persaud". I agree, radio is useless at sticking on genre. I'm all up for discovering new artists but not those so far away from the inital choice.

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