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spotify connect won't connect to sonos connect

spotify connect won't connect to sonos connect

talk about misnomers...

For a while I was able to play spotify on my Sonos Connect via the "connect to a device" function in the spotify app.  Then for a long time it would continually drop the connection.  Now it does not connect at all.  Anyone know what the deal is??  This really sucks! 

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ps.  everyting is updated.  I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling/restarting/etc/etc...


on a Win10 pc

Sonos Connect

Sonos Bridge

2 Sonos speakers


Me too! 

I can connect through the Sonos application to Spotify

But Spotify Connect will not hook up to my Sonos.  The Sonos speaker appears in 

the device list, but when selected will no connect.

Trying to get some help through the Spotify help desk now.


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