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spotify for windows RT

spotify for windows RT

When are you going to supply an app that works on windows RT - currently as a premium account holder I can only use spotlite which is so buggy it seems ridiculous to me that they even bothered to release it. I am using RT 8.1 and have coveted all the required updates for spotlite and it still does not work ! What am I paying for a premium account for ?
12 Replies

Keep an eye on this idea for an official response to this.

Nobody like windows rt, get an android or an ipad.


Stupid comment. 

MS Surface is a superb tablet. Shame that Spotify doesn't give Windows tablet/phone users an app that works. 

I agree on both counts.  I use Spotify on iOS but moving to Windows Phone discovered I cannot use the app without a premium account - that sucks!!!  Still waiting on the updates for Spotify to catch up on the  Windows Phone platform....too bad, may have to head back to Pandora instead.  Windows RT/Surface tablets are awesome, shame the apps lag on RT right now - I hope this improves - not just for Spotify!

hoping to see more support coming to Microsoft platforms from Spotify specially after the awesome 8.1 announcements this week.

Spotify should make an app for the surface family. They are losing market share to xbox music app that comes with all windows devices.

In reality nobody likes android or iOS!

Same issue here, nowdays Windows PCs and Windows based tablets use Windows 8.1 and there is still no official Spotify App for that HUGE number of devices, only the "generic" Windows Application that does not do the job done because it stops playing music as soon as my tablet goes to sleep, Deezer does have an official "Metro"app (keeps playing even when the tablet goes to sleep) and Spotify does not. And yes, I'm a Premium user since yesterday.

Spotify sucks! They don't see that the market for Windows phones and Windows tablets is the fasted growing OS and already in several countries bigger than ios. In BTB is it still by far the biggest OS in the world, but Spotify doesn't see that.

Hello users does the windows app store for tablets have an app called Spotlite? I just did a search in the windows app store and it is listed for me for a standard windows 8.1 system.

True 'Spotlite', but not official and hasn't got all the possibilities of Spotify on other platforms. And why must I use another app as premium user.

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