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spotify me esta cobrando mas de una vez

spotify me esta cobrando mas de una vez

Hola buenas. necesito ayuda ya que a principios de mes pague mi cuenta de spotify y viendo mi cartola de movimientos en el banco, me aparece nuevamente otro cobro.
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There are several reasons why you may be charged more than once by Spotify:

  1. Two accounts: It's possible that you accidentally created two accounts and are being charged for both. Check if you don't have two accounts with the same email address or credit card number.

  2. Duplicate subscription: If you changed your plan or altered your payment method, it's possible that an old charge was cancelled and a new one was started. This can lead to a duplicate charge.

  3. Billing error: Some billing errors can occur, such as duplicate charges or charges for services you did not request.

If you suspect you are being charged more than once by Spotify, I recommend contacting Spotify support to resolve the issue. They can help you identify the cause and provide a solution.

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