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spotify mp3

spotify mp3

Hello I want to play spotify in my car but only have an sd cart in it . Its an audi a 5 from 2009 ... does someone knows a way how I eventually can play the spotify tracks?
I m a premium member so I pay for it and like it to work every where I need it .
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Hello, exalbidus, unfortunately there is no way to download tracks from Spotify to an SD card to then use in your vehicle. Even songs that are downloaded for offline use for premium users eventually require an online connection to verify that the user is still premium. This system is in place to ensure that users are only able to, in effect, borrow the music, and not keep it, similar to how you can't keep books from the library. 


It appears that the 2009 A5 has an aux input, and you could use that instead, however. Let me know if you still have any questions!


They told me that there is a cable to connect the car with an I phone or maybe I pod ... but I m an ow er of a samsung note 4 ...don't know if there is a cable that also alow this for the android phone ?

So what you will need in an aux cable (you can buy these virtually anywhere); ignore the fact that the one I linked is for iPhones - it doesn't actually matter. Plug one end into the top of your phone where you would plug headphones in, and the other end into the car where they video showed you to, and you're set. Easiest way to think about it is that you're using your car like a giant pair of headphones. Hope this helps.

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