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stop Alexa playing/choosing live (or remix/cover) version

stop Alexa playing/choosing live (or remix/cover) version







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The issue that I am having is that for some reason Alexa - NOT Google so please do not link me to the issue that is about Google Assistant as it WORKS fine with Google. But when I request songs through Alexa - even when I clearly state the song and artist I get a LIVE version or the song by another artist. At this point, I have to go into the Spotify app on my phone, look for the song and then play on the device.  It defeats the purpose of a voice command smart device. 


I am not sure if this is an Amazon issue or a Spotify issue as when I request a song using Google Assistant on my phone I seem to get the most popular version of the song which I am looking for. 

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Hey @Heather_M,


Thanks for getting in touch!


It's up to Alexa's AI to recognize what it's being told and then to find the requested song in our catalog. There isn't much we can do here but what could help is to save songs to your library. When you have a song saved in your library it will be easier to recognize by Alexa.


Alexa is constantly improving and the more you use it the better it will understand you.


Hope this clarifies some things. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Many songs I do request are IN my liked songs or in one of my playlist or in my favourites. It's simple - create a filter that you can associate with your account that sets your preference to non-live non-covers. I mean they presumably have embedded tags like MP3s back in the day. If we could filter in the '90s  and early 2000's using Winamp certainly we should be able to in 2020. I will pose the same issue on some Alexa/Amazon forum but really this should be a preference in Spotify NOT the apps connecting to it. 

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