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streaming Spotify via DSBridge to Wlan Radio

streaming Spotify via DSBridge to Wlan Radio


I am trying to stream Spotify Premium via DSBridge to my Wlan works for about 30 secs to a minute and then the Wlan Radio does an automatic restart....somehow the stream seems not to run properly on my no name (well Medion P85055 German brand) Wlan Radio.

I doesn´t belong to the officially compatible Spotify devices....but why should I go ahead an buy something completely new if I am already paying for Spotify Premium?

Any suggestions - ideas?


I tried to disable Windows and Norton firewall....unchanged problem....

Is it about Spotify not being able to play music on desktop PC and on Wlan Radio AT THE SAME TIME?

Whenever Wlan Radio stream interrupts - so does it on my desktop PC.....


Get back to me in either English or German - Your help is very much appreciated!





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