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three months for $.99

three months for $.99

I saw the advertisement for three months for $.99 and it's not letting me get that deal
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Have you payd before/redeem a code for premium service?


if you done that, you cannot get the deal.

That is pretty unfair. Can I just quote the advert "we are giving three month premium to EVERYONE who upgrades", notice the emphasis on 'everyone'



I have been paying for premium or unlimited one way or another for about three years, for about a month I've been using the free service.

Having been slightly reluctant to start paying again I saw this ad and thought I would go back to premium, no such luck 


Are your advert sensing things able to tell I have had a premium subcription in the past? probably giving you £300+ with my subscriptions.
Got to be honest I'm very disappointed, been a loyal customer even when the other platforms look better, might be time for a change. 

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