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time to switch?

time to switch?

cannot believe spotify have not offrered a solution to his sorting of huge playlists yet. nor even say anything about it. i am a long time premium user and have hundreds of playlists and it is just a drag to use now. I just found this article on google play vs spotify and going to try it out. Anybody here used this yet? here is the article:!qrT5A
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Hey there!


I've moved your topic over here since it's not really a feature request but more of a general feedback topic.

Just so much, the main argument in this article seems to be the lack of a real library feature. While I partly agree on it, you should also know that Spotify is about to roll out its new Collection feature, which will offer exactly that. 😉

well that is good to know. i just cancelled my premium subscription and am moving to google. i am loving it. but i love spotify too and will be glad to come back if ''collections'' is a solution to organizing a large library. I hope so. When is it being rolled out? I signed up as a beta tester and never received any notice on how to actually test it. Kind of annoying. But thank you for your response and I hope to be back!

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