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unable to play local music files on sonos

unable to play local music files on sonos

I recently upgraded to the newest version of Spotify which enables to play music play lists directly on sonos boxes. Now I noticed that it is not possible to play my locally stored playlists on sonos. The option to select a playing device is greyed. See attachment

Anyone the same issue ? And maybe some guidance how to resolve ?

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There's a longish thread on Sonos Community for this issue:


It seems it's Spotify's issue - we need Spotify to allow Sonos to use their DRM to play.  It's completely counter intuitive to someone non-technical (like me) because I can play the tracks on Sonos and on Spotify but not on Sonos via Spotify.


Thanks for the answer, although it does not solve the problem. The files I want to play are non-drm protected (it is my own ¤%&# ripped CDs and digitised vinyls) and I just CANNOT get Sonos to play these. The spotify files sonos plays without questions. The playlist is for a big party day after tomorrow, so I guess I will have to use the laptop plus a 3.5 mm-cable to the sonos-input. That actually is not a very good solution, since I have to use the laptop's rather crappy DAC.

Same problem.  I can play my local files thru the spotify player on iPhone & PC, but not  using Sonos app on iPhone. Nor can I start in Spotify, choose Sonos, and send to Sonos speakers, OR, send to my Yamaha Receiver.  These latter two options work well if using Spotify tunes (not local files).  These local files are not DRM ones.  They are files that I initially ripped from music CD, and played thru iTunes for several years, before moving to Spotify.

Also, for some of my local files, I can find in the Spotify library, and so not a problem.  However, there are many that I cannot find in the Spotify library.  And some Spotify tunes I had access to last year, have now been dropped from Spotify, with no announcement.  I only find them when comparing my present playlists to ones of previous years.  Frustration.


And thanks for letting me know that this is a problem for more than me. What we had to do in the end was to define a playlist on Spotify with all the tunes that were in the local library. Bugs me why, though, and I am still unhappy that this does not work. No DRM is involved, after all, so I cannot understand.

Any updates on this as I have the same issue I can only play my local files through my laptop not through my sonos as other sources are grey'd out.


Wow, this is completely crazy. Like other posters here I have loads of music that isn't on Spotify, some even recorded by friends' bands (no DRM) and I have the actual files stored on my computer. I don't understand why these songs can't be played through my Sonos speakers in Spotify playlists.


Is there really absolutely no way to make up for the gaps in Spotify's library? No way at all to add tracks that Spotify doesn't have? 


I really hope that I'm just not understanding the solution -- surely there must be _some_ way to do it...

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