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unable to stream Podcasts on Chromecast

unable to stream Podcasts on Chromecast


I tried to stream a Podcast to a Chromecast Audio but it is not possible to select the device. It shows up in the devices list but I am not able to select it.

Streaming songs to the Chromecast works without problems.


Is there a way to stream podcasts to a Chromecast device?




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I asked support about this and got the answer

"We're afraid that currently, it's only possible to listen to music on Chromecast, so you won't be able to listen to podcasts or video right now. "


The workaround I haved used is to cast the screen of my phone to my chromecast. I have not tested with Chromecast Audio but I think it is possible.


Thank you for the information. Would be great if this will work in the future

What worked for me on Chromecast Audio was streaming a song while connected, then selecting the podcast. Not sure if this works on chromecast video. Hope this helps!

Exactly the same through Spotify Connect. I can stream Spotify music from my PC to my Onkyo receiver, but not podcasts. Oddly, 'Connect' on the iPhone app WILL stream podcasts to the receiver. Spotify on the PC will only play podcasts if "Play on This Computer" is selected (other devices are greyed out). If the receiver is already selected as the device to play through, podcasts can be browsed, but simply don't respond when you try to play them.


Odd (and stupid) behaviour. Please get it sorted, Spotify.

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