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web player, flash player problem

web player, flash player problem



since today, the web player doesn't work, each time i have the message "to enjoy spotify, install adode flash". the latest flash player is already installed on my pc. i tried to reinstall it, but i still have this message.


btw, i use firefox


i have installed chrome and the web player works fine; could you tell me, where are the spotify files linked to firefox? if i can erase these files, i would be able to login in the player.


thx in advance. (sorry for my english. this is not my primary language)

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Hey there.


Thanks for your message.


To clear everything on your Firefox, go here: about:preferences#privacy (Settings-Privacy), just hit that about:preferences#privacy to your adress bar in Firefox. Then remove every data from here. Reboot your browser and try again 😉


Also this message will show if you have slow Internet, but it will go away when loading process continues.


Have a nice day!


Kind regardz,

Jyrziu xd

well, i have erased the files, and same thing, the web player asks me to install flash player. i have also deleted and reinstalled firefox; and same thing.


there is a problem with firefox.



This problem about installing flash player while it is already instaled seems to be prety persistent. I have this problem too, both with Opera and Firefox. Sometimes the problem disapppears when I reload the page, but that is no proper solution. From what I read on this platform, Spotify isn't making much of an effort to help solve this problem. 


Hopefully Spotify will react with a proper response

thanks in advance

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