webplayer loses connection and can't reconnect

webplayer loses connection and can't reconnect

i use the webplayer (logged in with a facebook account) in firefox v42 on a win7 home premium 64bit pc. my problem is that the player plays a song, sometimes 2, and then reports that it cannot connect to spotify. Unbenannt.PNG

i can then see how it skips through the rest of the songs in the playlist while i am unable to click anything. when i refresh the page i am able to play songs again for a couple of minutes before the error shows up again.

i have no problem with the webplayer on my laptop though (32bit vista, v42 firefox). the only difference to my pc is that i connect to the internet wirelessly and that i also have the desktop app installed.


does anybody have an idea what might be the problem and how i can fix it?

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Hey @Bob_K, Welcome to the community! 🙂


Have you tried clearing your browsers cache? also have you tried running it in incognito mode?



You can use this guide to assist you in using a incognito window 🙂

I hope this helped! 🙂

Hi @jean3601, thanks for your reply.
Clearing the cache unfortunately didn't solve the problem. I tried to run it in incognito mode, but wasn't able to log in with my facebook account. When I click the 'log in with facebook' button, the animation with the three dots after facebook starts, but the facebook log in window doesn't pop up.



Could you try using a different browser? Does this fix your issue?

I'm having similat issues ... Incognito mode does not fix the issue.

Why is it so hard to get Chrome to stream the Web layer correctly ?

Hey guys


I've escalated this issue to Spotify, hopefully well get an answer soon 🙂

I solved my incognito mode facebook login problem (had to disable firefox's tracking prevention feature). However, as Theberge43 said, the initial problem persists also in incognito mode.

Hey guys,

Just to follow up here, are you still having trouble with this? Let me know how you're getting on.

jep, its sill an issue, for me atleast

Yeah, unfortunately I'm still having trouble with it too.

I seem to have the same problem. However when I try logging in from the same computer (windows 7, 64-bit) with the Chrome browser it works perfectly. It's Mozilla that has the issue. Could there be a bug with the browser that blocks connecting through FB?

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This is resolved when I disable the tracking protection by Firefox for this session. But the song's quality is not as should be and they freeze frequently...


Edited to add screenshot: Screenshot 2015-12-09 02.16.16.png


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Hey guys,


Just following up again. Are you still experiencing the same issue?


If so, please let us know the following:

- Device

- Operating system/version

- Spotify version

- Browsers already tried

- Have you checked for any firewall or antivirus that could be blocking Spotify?


We'll take a closer look.







Yes, I'm on a desktop pc with 64bit Win7 Home Premium SP1 using Firefox V43. No antivirus or firewall warnings are issued when the connection is lost.

Hey @Bob_K


Are you still experiencing the issue?

Hey Jean!

Yes, unfortunately I still get disconnected.



Could you try using chrome? 


Does this solve the issue?

I installed a wlan adapter in my pc and switched to a wireless internet connection. For some reason that seems to have solved the problem. At least I am no longer being disconnected.

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