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wont let me add spotify as a music service

wont let me add spotify as a music service

Up until this morning evewrything was fine and dandy, my flat mate unplugged my sonos bridge which reset everything and when i try to add spotify onto my system it says login username and password are incorrect. However, they are the same as the ones i managed to login here and on my phone. so there not, any help is appreciated?




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Hi, I have encountered exactly the same issue ! Some explanations would be more than appreaciated as I pay my premium account to get spotify on Sonos. Thx in advance.

Hi, I'm glad i can log in now on this forum because some weird message came up everytime i try to log in. It was saying that i already tried it several times to log in with the wrong password?????...i never changed it.. But i have the same issues with the sonos systeem but for now the mobile app works just fine but i think thats not for a long time. Pls fix this problem....... Bryan

Guess its not just me well that makes me feel slightly better



Ok it seems they are working on it because now the sonos system can log in but, i still miss 70% off my playlist on the sonos system. Hope they fix it soon. Bryan

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