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[wp10] loading and resuming every time...

[wp10] loading and resuming every time...

Hi all.

I'm at my wit's end. I'm a Premium customer on a Lumia 950... I use Spotify every day. This last week, the app won't load. I see Loading, Resuming, crashes all the time. I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times. It doesn't seem to happen in WiFi... Just 4g. I've tried everything. Should I just cancel my prescription?

Please help!!
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Mine keeps in a loop of pause-song/loading. Then I press play. 5seconds after: pause/loading.

If I turn internet [wifi or 4g] off it works. But my online playlists are unlistenable.

I'm almost changing to Groove Music or something that works on my Lumia 830.

Yes this is my experience.


Is it because I have a large number of playlists? It's as if it loses connectivity. I'm reading about people clearing their cache but I don't know if this is solution or not. Or how to do it.

I have 33 playlists. If that is the problem spotify is not for me, because
I bought the service based on having my playlists with me all the time.

Tengo el mismo problema y creo que puede ser por una no compatibilidad del celular con la aplicación. Hace unos dias mi celular se actualizo y de ahi que no me funciona spotify, quizas puede ser eso porque intente eliminar la app, borrar cache, etc y nada aun 😕

An update..


Spotify Support suggested deleting my offline cache... sent me a link to do so. Made no difference.


Now I've created a new account and they're transferring my old playlists and haggling over what they will refund since they've admitted there is a problem.


Unbelievably, I'm now using my new account. First time I've used "free" Spotify with ads. After 5 songs or so (after the first ad), all songs stop playing after anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. They just stop. No "Loading" or "Resuming" screen. They just stop.


This service is monumentally crap. It worked fine for me for years but I'm seriously considering binning Spotify. My alltime favourite App.

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