18 tracks of Original Rock for your playlists!


18 tracks of Original Rock for your playlists!

Music Fan

Greetings fellow musicians, listeners, curators and hustlers alike! 

I have recently released an 18 track album of Original Rock called "Tim Adams - Being Human"! It's filled with great guitar riffs and abstract cosmic lyrics. Major influences are Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Jimmy Page. Sounds like classic rock and 90's rock fused into an 8 track cassette player of a VW bus with smoke billowing out of the windows, looking completely different as it passes through different rays of light... or something grand and mystical like that.


It's not all in-your-face rock, there's some funk, some groovy, some love songs, some elvis era tunes. It's in there. 


If you're trying to limit yourself to 1 song, good luck picking between 1,3,4,5,6,and 8. Or maybe you're a 12 fan? Guess you should just listen to the whole thing and pick the ones you like!


Thanks to all who listen and share, and particularly those who throw a few pennies into the tip jar every time they listen to the whole album!