2016 Top Pop hits—curated daily


2016 Top Pop hits—curated daily

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If it’s hot 🔥 it’s here 🎶 Listen and follow all the hits of now, curating from the very first second of 2016 until the last—curated by @mancerrss


Hi I'm Steven Mancera (@mancerrss) and I invite you to follow and listen to my playlist that I commited to curate right from the first hit of 2016 and until now and the end of the year

I try to gather all around the biggest hits and tracks of 2016 for a perfect yearmix for the history to listen it later, it intersects so many genres so it's not necessarily pure Pop. My definition of Pop is Popular, so whenever it's a breakout hits, viral hit, a pop culture hit, EDM hits, new released hits, or from A-list artist hits, as long it sound's a bannger hits to my taste, I add it. This is a no discrimination hit list, unlike the Today's Top Hits, Billboard 100, It's a Hit etc.

So please give my playlist a try and listen and follow on my new take on hit list. Thank you

(New additions appears at the bottom, because I don't know how to sort it to descrending. I hope we have feature like that on the future)