Adria Croatia - My big playlist with croatian music


Adria Croatia - My big playlist with croatian music


Hello and bog Hrvatska!

Here is My collection of great croatian music.

Lot of people from My country visited Croatia. I think on people from Slovakia. Maynly go to holiday destinations nearly Adriatic sea. Due to this, this is name of this playlist. So, if You say for some people "Croatia", association with this country is mostly Adriatic sea, Dalmatia, ETC.

But, there are not only songs from Dalmatia and artists, like Mladen Grdović, Klapa Maslina, Klapa Ragusa, but there are also things from slavonian Tamburica ensembles, like Zlatni dukati, songs from Zlatko Pejaković ETC. There is music from croatian Pop, to Croatian traditional music. From Dalmacia, to Slavonia.

If You have some suggestions for artists and songs, please, send comments here.

If You wish to follow My playlist, let's do that. I'll update My playlist as soon, as I can.

So, nice listening and greetings from Slovakia.