#AltWednesday (Indie/Alternative) 2020 : #03


#AltWednesday (Indie/Alternative) 2020 : #03

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Rock Star 18


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Alternative Wednesday, another way for highlighting great music, is a handpicked selection of 20 songs completing the monthly playlist and featuring mostly songs from very recent indie / alternative new albums or EPs (Indie rock, indie soul, psychedelic rock, alternative folk, Alternative electro). It's curated every Wednesday by Soundofus.


January 15, 2020 - Time : 1 h 21 min


Alternative Wednesday


The Band Royale : from new album
Gully Boys : from new EP
Two Til Twelve : from new EP
Granny Tweed : from new album
Preloaded Spoon : from new album
The Burning Curtains : from new EP
Fairhazel : from new album
PVA : new single
FMLYBND : from new album
The Lukewarm : from new album
RAT BOY : from new EP
Floral Tattoo : from new album
Moccasin Creek : from new album
Pitts : from new EP
Kudu Stooge : from new EP
Sol Driven Train : from new album
Desert Colossus : from new EP
PUKK : from new album
Sam Charlesworth : from new album
Don't Forget Rupert : from new EP


Additional Keywords : 2020, recent albums, recent EPs






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