Amazing Less Known Movie Soundtracks?


Amazing Less Known Movie Soundtracks?


There are many soundtrack playlists out there, but almost none of them include any tracks from less-known movies. Some of these films have just amazing music and nobody's listening to them, because maybe nobody's heard of these movies. 


So I've made a Soundtrack Playlist from the movies that I love, and most of these movies are in the category that I was talking about. Some of these movies are actually well-known but for some reason people don't listen to their music. There are just a few well-known soundtracks included and for each film in the playlist one (sometimes two) tracks.


If you know any great movie soundtracks (old or new) that don't have a lot of listeners, please share it with us. Thank you.


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Hello, you can listen to this music I made for an independent film soundtrack, it has been nominated for the Reel Music Awards as Best of 2017!