Ambient Soundscapes 12th rotation


Ambient Soundscapes 12th rotation


Hey friends!
It's monday and that means rotationday on the playlist.
Ambient Soundscapes' 12th rotation is up and ready and features a broad variety of new artists at least in my book.
This week we had the pleasure of listening to a lot of great submissions and I have saved a lot of music for future updates.
Thank you so much for your participation. I'm overwhelmed with the fact that so many are interested in being featured and the growth of the list.
This weeks recommended artist: Antarctic Wastelands

Freshly added tracks in this 12th rotation by following artists:
Antarctic Wastelands, Alonefold, TROVA, Thamel, Coarbegh, Daniel Vickers, The Aurora Principle, Praise the Vortex, Bengalfuel, Synchrophonic


Always looking for new tracks to feature and listen to. Feel free to drop me a message with your suggestions.