Ambient Soundscapes playlist (3rd rotation update)


Ambient Soundscapes playlist (3rd rotation update)


Hey community!
Another week has passed and I have just finished the
3rd rotation on the Ambient Soundscapes playlist on spotify.
I have added ten great ambient tracks, and it has been great to discover some many new names (for me at least) this time.
Keep dropping your music in the comments, messages and in the inbox list.
I'm so happy to receive all this music and discover so many new quality artists this way.
Thanks for the participation and support, I'm looking forward to hear your tracks.

Freshly added tracks in this 3rd rotation by following artists:
Crystalline Reflections, Dan Armstrong, Zeger De Vos, Grøte, Kloob, Robert Rich, Robert Scott Thompson, Zazenkai, Distant Fires Burning, Crows Labyrinth