Ballads in Plain D(ylan), 1962-75 [Bob Dylan]


Ballads in Plain D(ylan), 1962-75 [Bob Dylan]

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Dylan aficionados will notice the pun in the title of this playlist.  Suggest that you play this in order since they are from oldest to newest (most of my lists I make specifically for playing on shuffle mode). There are some pretty good songs here - many are my favorites.  I intended to just do ballads (most of them meet the definition) but lightened up the list with a few other tunes.  I hope everyone finds something new that they enjoy.

Edit: Not the lovely bass line in It's all over now, Baby Blue.  It is the only instrument other than Dylan.s voice, harmonica, and his minor guitar strumming. Played by Bill Lee, father of Spike Lee. It really makes the song extra special.